The Hong Kong Business Ethics Development Centre publishes a wide variety of resources for use by the catering industry as reference and training tools for enhancing ethical management and staff integrity.



Training Videos

Integrity in everyday life - is it okay to tip? (Cantonese only)

Will you tip to jump a long queue during the Sunday breakfast in Chinese Tea House?


Integrity in everyday life - is it okay to accept commissions? (Cantonese only)

At a reunion gathering, a group of graduates share their work experience and wonder if it is legal to accept commissions…


What is corruption? - Part 2 (Cantonese Only)

What is corruption in private sector?


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Publicity Materials


Corruption doesn’t pay (Catering poster)

PDF version

"Corruption – Point of No Return" Poster - Catering Industry

PDF version

"Corruption – Point of No Return" Poster - Hotels

PDF version

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