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Clients' Feedback


China Mobile Hong Kong Limited: China Mobile Hong Kong is committed to upholding  the principle of integrity and creating an ethical workplace. Therefore, we have been collaborating with the ICAC in arranging corruption prevention and integrity training for our staff.  Through the use of training videos, case analyses and discussions, ICAC speakers enhanced our staff’s knowledge on corruption prevention and corporate ethics, and also helped them understand the relevant laws and proper ways to handle conflict of interest. Thank you once again for ICAC’s support and professional services.


The Hong Kong Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry: The Hong Kong Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry (HKAPI) represents 33 research-based multinational pharmaceutical companies in Hong Kong.  Our members discover, promote, sell and distribute innovative medicines and vaccines with high ethical standards, by complying with laws and regulations, and the industry Code of Practice. The HKBEDC offers comprehensive lectures to our members on anti-corruption with case studies, which is very practical and impressive, and subsequently improve their awareness against corruption in daily work.


Participants of Ethical Decision Making Workshop: The HKBEDC of the ICAC should continue to organise similar workshops! It’s practical and useful in workplace.  The workshop applies theories into real-life situations.  The cases sharing and daily life examples provided by the speakers are memorable and inspiring.


Shun Hing Electronic Trading Co Limited: The ICAC has been conducting anti-corruption talks for our group ever since 1992.  Relevant laws were explained in a simple and lively way, which strengthened our employees' awareness on corruption prevention.


Travel Industry Council of Hong Kong: The Travel Industry Council (TIC) has all along been supportive to the promotion of integrity travel and quality services for tourists.  The TIC and HKBEDC of the ICAC have been working closely together to arrange integrity talks for pre-service and licensed tourist guides. Such training enhanced frontline practitioners’ understanding of anti-corruption laws and their vigilance against corruption temptations, and also reminded them the importance of upholding professional ethics.


Participant of a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Seminar : The speaker effectively presents and delivers the seminar which enhances our awareness of business ethics and knowledge of the anti- bribery law.


 Participant of ICAC Talk for a Business Organisation: I hope that the ICAC could organise more seminars to help enhance the awareness of our industry and to prevent us from falling prey to corruption.


The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers: The HKBEDC has been dedicated to organising seminars on professional ethics and anti-corruption and the HKIE has started collaboration with HKBEDC since 1997. Its efforts in maintaining high ethical standards in business are important to sustain a fair business environment in Hong Kong.


Bowtie Life Insurance Company Limited: Bowtie as the first authorised Hong Kong's virtual insurer, we believe integrity is the key to every successful business. We appreciate that the ICAC training aligns with our code of conduct. Sharing real cases is helpful in strengthening our knowledge and concept of treating customers fairly.


Octopus Holdings Ltd: ICAC has been our great partner for over a decade. We greatly appreciate the valuable assistance ICAC has provided, such as the formulation of the Code of Conduct, organisation of  various integrity training seminars and ethics promotion courses.  Its services have not only contributed to a high level of awareness against corruption, but also built an ethical corporate culture within our company.

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