The Hong Kong Business Ethics Development Centre publishes a wide variety of resources for use by the construction industry as reference and training tools for enhancing ethical management and staff integrity.


Practical Guide


Ethics in Practice - A Practical Guide for Professional Engineers

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Managing Integrity & Striving for Excellence - Corruption Prevention Package for Construction Industry

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Training Videos

ICAC Training Video on Introduction Fee (Cantonese Only)

Is it illegal to pay “introduction fee” while searching for a job?


"It's not worth it" - Micro Film Series on Business Ethics

A renovation contractor Tim has just got a job to renovate a restaurant. The project manager imposes difficulties on Tim and demands Tim to offer him an unreasonably low rate for renovating his new home…


ICAC vs renovation crocodile (Cantonese only)

What should a contractor do if being solicited bribes by "renovation crocodiles"?


Integrity tips in everyday life - A friend in need? (Cantonese Only)

A friend in need is a friend indeed. However, if it involves conflict of interest at work, will you remain neutral or take the risk to help a friend?


Dubbed in Cantonese, Putonghua and English, with subtitles of the following six languages:

Integrity Matters in Everyday Life (Episode 1)

Animation Video on Corruption Prevention - for frontline construction, building management and cleansing workers

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Publicity Materials


"Corruption Doesn't Pay - Say NO to Illegal Referral Fees and Rebates" Construction Pamphlet

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"Corruption Doesn't Pay - Say NO to Illegal Referral Fees and Rebates" Construction Poster

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Pamphlet for Frontline Materials Testing Staff

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Don't bribe for jobs (L)

"Don't bribe for jobs!" E-flyer for Construction industry (1)

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Don't bribe for jobs (2)

"Don't bribe for jobs!" E-flyer for Construction industry (2)

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