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Contract letting


  • Compromised staff accept advantages from colluded contractors/ sub-contractors in the course of awarding contracts or works orders.
  • Compromised staff accept advantages from colluded suppliers in the course of procuring construction materials.
  • Compromised staff leak confidential information (such as tender price information) to competitors for personal gain.

Site and works supervision


  • Compromised staff accept advantages for turning a blind eye to sub-standard works of contractors.
  • Unscrupulous contractors provide contract cars for private use by site supervisory staff in return for favourable treatment in site supervision.
  • Inspecting staff engage in improper conduct and practices (e.g. acceptance of frequent / lavish entertainment provided by the contractor) while carrying out inspections outside Hong Kong.
  • Site supervisory staff accept advantages for allowing contractors to use building materials not specified in contracts or to tamper with test samples.

Project payment


  • Compromised staff accept advantages from contractors in return for early processing and release of payments for incomplete works.
  • Compromised staff accept rebates from favoured contractors for issuing unnecessary variation orders or over-valued work orders.

Employment or job referrals


  • Unscrupulous site staff solicit advantages (e.g. ‘introduction fees’) from construction workers who seek appointment or continuous employment.
  • Compromised staff solicit rebates for allocating jobs to contractors/sub-contractors.

Conflict of interest

What is Conflict of Interest?



  • Chairman of the tender assessment panel has financial interest in a particular tenderer.
  • Staff responsible for drawing up the specifications of a construction material tender document is a relative of the sole supplier of the material.
  • Project clerk of works has financial interest in a sub-contractor employed by the main contractor under his supervision.
  • Project architect and site agent of the contractor are close personal friends.
  • Supervisory staff over-socialise with contractors e.g. accept frequent / lavish entertainment or engage in high stake gambling.
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