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EN 29 January 2021Time to checkup your corporate health and work ethics level! There is no doubt that we have been more health-conscious than ever due to the pandemic. Apart from maintaining a strong physique, it is equally important for us and our companies to stay ethically healthy for guarding against corruption. The Hong Kong Business Ethics Development Centre (HKBEDC) has just launched two practical tools for corporations and individuals to serve as a "rapid test" on their ethics level. The Corporate Ethics Health Checklist is for corporate leaders to check their corporate ethics level by examining the company's "brain", "backbone", "heart" and "immunity system", and to diagnose the areas that need improvements. Click here to download the checklist and steam ahead in the road to ethical corporate governance. The Work Ethics Fitness Challenge, which consists of a set of scenario questions on ethical challenges at workplace, is for individual employees to assess their ethical fitness. Click here to complete your challenge now online. HKBEDC has also developed the Model, which is an ethical decision making tool for resolving workplace ethical dilemmas. Visit our thematic website for more guidelines on how to make ethical decisions at work. HKBEDC offers free talks and seminars on corruption prevention for business organisations and ethical decision making workshops for professionals. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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