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The Hong Kong Business Ethics Development Centre publishes a wide variety of resources for use by the medical service providers as reference and training tools for enhancing ethical management and staff integrity.

Training Videos

Social Freshmen: Professinal Integrity (Medicial Industry) (Cantonese only)

Dr. Lau, a senior doctor of a private medical centre often attends overseas medical seminars sponsored by a pharmaceutical company and issues sick leaves certificates to his friends without face-to-face consultation…


Out of Good Intention - Integrity Promotion Campaign for Public Bodies Training Video (Trailer)

Eric, a specialist doctor in a public hospital, is most respected by his patients and colleagues as he is always considerate of his patients’ well-being. Nevertheless, his newly married wife Kelly, who also works in the same hospital, was sometimes unsure about her husband’s way of doing things at work...


"Separate business from the personal" - Micro Film Series on Business Ethics

Jane discovers that her colleague has been fabricating quotations and awarding puchase order to a firm which he secretly set up …


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Publicity Materials

Bookmark (hi-res)

Promotional Bookmark for the "Integrity in Practice" Online Guide for Medical Professionals

PDF version
myth pamphlet EN_cover

Corruption Myths in the Business Community

PDF version Web version

Corporate Ethics Health Checklist

PDF version Web version

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