Medical Professionals

Medical Service

The Hong Kong Business Ethics Development Centre provides free anti-corruption and ethics training to help hospital and medical institutions build an ethical corporate culture and prevent corruption and fraud.

For hospitals and medical institutions

general staffGeneral staff

Training Objectives

  • Alert to corruption temptations in daily work
  • Enhance knowledge of anti-corruption law
  • Acquire skills to make ethical decision 

Training Objectives

  • Alert to managerial role in preventing corruption
  • Acquire skills to identify and manage corruption risks in daily work
  • Procure useful tips to manage staff integrity
Senior managementSenior Management

Training Objectives

  • Enhance awareness on role of ethical leadership
  • Alert to common red flags and corruption loopholes
  • Procure good practices in preventing corruption and building ethical culture

Contact us if your company is interested in arranging anti-corruption or ethics training.

For medical practitioners

A comprehensive online guide for medical professionals is available for self-learning:


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