Medical Professionals

Medical Service

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Acceptance of advantages


  • Accepting gifts from patients in defiance of the policy / guidelines of respective medical institutions.
  • Accepting rebates from pharmaceutical or medical device companies for recommending their drugs or equipment.
  • Accepting commissions or referral fees for referring patients to designated laboratories.
  • Accepting advantages from patients for compiling medical reports with untrue information.
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Improper acceptance of sponsorship and donation


  • Accepting sponsorship to attend overseas conference offered by pharmaceutical or medical device companies in return for recommending their drugs or equipment to respective medical institutions.
  • Accepting donation from patients in exchange for preferential treatment.
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Use of false documents and fraud


  • Assisting patients to make fraudulent claim of medical expenses from their employers by issuing bogus medical certificates.
  • Providing medical service to ineligible persons for deceiving subsidies from the government.
  • Conspiring with policyholders and insurance intermediaries to submit false insurance claims with fake medical reports.
  • Tampering stock records to cover up misappropriation of medical supplies.
  • Assisting an acquainted bidder by hiding away or destroying quotations with lower price or fabricating quotation records.
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Mishandling of proprietary information


  • Divulging confidential tendering information to acquainted medical representatives.
  • Disclosing private information of patients without patients' consent.
  • Providing personal data of patients to salespersons or insurance intermediaries for marketing purposes.
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Conflict of interest

What is Conflict of Interest? 



  • Referring patients to a private medical centre in which you have a personal financial interest for medical checkup.
  • Recommending drugs or medical supplies represented by personal friends or relatives to hospital or clinic.
  • Offering preferential medical treatment to personal friends or relatives.
  • Accepting sponsorship, donation or scholarship from a patient under treatment.
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