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Our case studies contain analysis and discussion points for users to better understand the legal provisions. They also provide suggestions on how to prevent corruption, fraud and malpractices.

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All Areas of Concern

Howard was a newly joined senior internal audit manager of a publicly listed company.  On presenting to the Managing Director about his evidence of wrongdoings by the Purchasing Director, he was asked to stay away from the case.  

Jimmy was a sales manager of a renowned securities firm who was assigned to allocate shares of a to-be-listed company to clients. He received numerous requests for purchase from investors, including his favorite client Amy…

Benny is a manager of a financial corporation and undertakes a merger project for Interlock Company and Happy Diet Chain.  Led by a director, he and his team members have held meetings with the management of these two companies, day and night, trying hard to work out the best terms for the exercise.


Benny knows full well that if such information is made public, it will affect the share prices of both companies.   But Benny also has other things on his mind. Soon he is to get married and desperately needs to find the money for his wedding expenses.   He finally decides to borrow some money from his family to purchase a large quantity of the two stocks in advance.   A week later, when the announcement of a merger between Interlock and Happy Diet is made public, the market prices of their shares rise spontaneously.   Benny subsequently sells the stocks and makes substantial profits.

Eddie is a director of a financial group which engages in businesses of securities and futures, asset management and corporate finance.  Recently, his company is appointed as an underwriter of a placement deal for Small World Corporation.


Because the share price offered is not particularly attractive, Eddie is a little worried that the stocks of Small World Corporation cannot be fully subscribed by investors in the market and this will force his company to acquire the remaining portion. Therefore, he instructs Jacob, a fund manager in the asset management division, to purchase a substantial amount of the stocks for his discretionary clients.

Jackson is a corporate financier.  On one occasion, he leads a team to arrange the takeover of Good Industrial by Frontline Group through the acquisition of 50% of its shares.   Although Jackson is holding a substantial quantity of stocks of Good Industrial, he does not disclose the situation to his company. Finally, Jackson makes handsome gains from his own Good Industrial’s stocks due to the success of the takeover.

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