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Our case studies contain analysis and discussion points for users to better understand the legal provisions. They also provide suggestions on how to prevent corruption, fraud and malpractices.

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All Areas of Concern

A director of a finance company offered rebates to the credit manager of a bank for increasing the company’s credit limit. Credits were granted even though the director could not provide sufficient collateral to support his applications.

Alan operated a car rental company and had insured all his cars with Bryan, a manager of a bank's insurance department. Without the bank’s approval, Bryan bought an “old” car from Alan at a low price.

Bryan is interested but unfortunately is short of cash. Alan suggests that Bryan may pay for it by monthly interest-free installments at a special price. Bryan feels uneasy about accepting the offer. However, he changes his mind as he thinks the offer does not create any obligation to Alan.

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Donald, a bank manager, would like to buy large block of shares at an IPO for speculation. Lacking funds to do so, Donald approved his wife’s application for a personal loan without disclosing their relationship to his bank.

Laura was a bank staff and also a director of a company owned by her paramour, Ricky. Laura approved an application for a credit facility by Ricky and it was later found that the application was supported by bogus documents.

Nancy, a bank administration manager, awarded a small scale renovation project to an interior decoration company owned by her brother without disclosing their relationship to the bank.

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