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7233-publicity-materials-for-ethics-promotion-programme-for-construction-industry_ebanner 25 October 2021Ethics Promotion Programme for the Construction Industry With a view to consolidating the integrity awareness and anti-corruption knowledge of construction practitioners, the Hong Kong Business Ethics Development Centre (HKBEDC) is organising the captioned Programme under which an array of resources and training services have been launched. "Corruption Doesn't Pay - Say NO to Illegal referral fees and rebates" For frontline construction workers, we have produced a series of publicity and training materials to remind them not to offer bribes for employment. A leaflet featuring the key points of the anti-corruption law and common corruption traps was also produced. Construction companies and contractors are encouraged to make use of these resources to help disseminating the message. If printed copies of the poster and pamphlet are required, please contact HKBEDC. "Say NO to Illegal referral fees and rebates" Poster(Download) "Say NO to Illegal referral fees and rebates" Pamphlet(Download) ICAC Training Video on Introduction Fee(Cantonese Only; View in YouTube) Regional Seminars HKBEDC has also organised two regional seminars for site supervisory staff to heighten their ethical awareness in September and December. Due to overwhelming response, we will organise another session in the first quarter of 2022. Subscribe to HKBEDC's e-alert if you don't want to miss out on our next seminar. More ethical resources for the construction industry will be launched soon. Click here to visit our dedicated webpage for the construction industry and find out more.

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