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Smart Tips for SMEs (2)

Company daily operations involve the handling of a lot of documents and information, such as procurement contract and confidential information.  While some tasks may seem to be mundane or trivial, business operators should ensure working procedures are well followed to avoid their employees falling into corruption traps.


The Hong Kong Business Ethics Development Centre (HKBEDC) has released the second issue of  "Smart Tips for SMEs" to remind business operators to guard against ethical risks in daily operations and safeguard the interests of the company.  Please click here to view the article.


HKBEDC has also launched the "SMEs and Start-ups Corner" , a one-stop platform for the SMEs and Start-ups to obtain useful ethical resources.  Trade associations of different industries are welcome to join our "SME Corruption Prevention Network"  and help to disseminate integrity messages to more SMEs.  There are now over 70 trade associations representing some 40,000 SMEs in the Network.  Please click here to join us now!


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