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SME Corruption Prevention Network


There are now over 80 trade associations representing some 40,000 SMEs of different industries in the Network.  


Corruption prevention messages as well as regular updates on ICAC’s ethics promotion events and publications, such as conferences, thematic seminars and feature articles are shared through the Network.


Trade organisations are welcome to join the Network to support the ethics promotion work.  Please click here to  enrol or contact us  for details.  


SMEs or individuals who wish to receive our latest news on anti-corruption are encouraged to subscribe to BEDC E-news.

List of supporting organisations of the SME Corruption Prevention Network

( in alphabetical order)

Century Small and Medium Business Association Coalition of Global Home Service Sustainable DevelopmentDiamond Federation of Hong Kong, China LtdFederation of Industries & Commerce in Kwai Chung & Tsing Yi LtdFederation of International SMEHong Kong & Kowloon Electrical Appliance Merchants Association Ltd.Hong Kong & Kowloon Machine Made Paper Merchants Association Ltd.Hong Kong & Kowloon Rubber Tyres Commercial General Association Ltd.Hong Kong (SME) Economic and Trade Promotional AssociationHong Kong Apparel SocietyHong Kong Association for Promotion & Development of SMEs Hong Kong Association of Freight Forwarding and Logistics LtdHong Kong Brands Protection AllianceHong Kong China Chamber of CommerceHong Kong Chinese Medicine Industry AssociationHong Kong Chinese Medicine Merchants Association Hong Kong Chinese Prepared Medicine Traders Association Ltd.Hong Kong Electrical Appliance Industries AssociationHong Kong Federation of Innovative Technologies and Manufacturing IndustriesHong Kong Federation of Restaurants and Related TradesHong Kong Foodstuffs AssociationHong Kong Foundry AssociationHong Kong Gemstone Manufacturers' AssociationHong Kong General Chamber Of CommerceHong Kong General Chamber of Wine & SpiritsHong Kong Gold and Silver Ornament Workers and Merchants General UnionHong Kong Greater China SME Alliance AssociationHong Kong Hair and Beauty Merchants AssociationHong Kong Industrial & Commercial Association Ltd - Tuen Mun BranchHong Kong Industrial & Commercial Association Ltd - Yuen Long BranchHong Kong Jade AssociationHong Kong Jewellers' & Goldsmiths' Association Ltd.Hong Kong Jewellery & Jade Manufacturers AssociationHong Kong Jewelry Manufacturers' AssociationHong Kong Kai Tak Industry and Commerce Association LimitedHong Kong Marble & Granite Merchants AssociationHong Kong Metal Merchants AssociationHong Kong New Territories Manufacturers AssociationHong Kong Paper Association Ltd.Hong Kong Pet Trade Association LimitedHong Kong Plastic Bags Manufacturers' AssociationHong Kong Plastic Machinery AssociationHong Kong Plastics Recycling AssociationHong Kong Small & Medium Enterprises AssociationHong Kong SME Development Federation LtdHong Kong Suppliers AssociationHong Kong Watch Manufacturers Association Hong Kong Wong Tai Sin Industry & Commerce AssociationHong Kong Young Industrialists CouncilHongkong Furniture AssociationInstitution of Dining ArtKowloon Chamber of CommerceNew Territories Cargo Transport Association LtdPo Sau Tong Ginseng & Antler Association HK LimitedThe Association of Hong Kong Gloves Traders LimitedThe Association of Industries and Commerce of Hong Kong Southern District LimitedThe Chinese General Chamber of CommerceThe Chinese Manufacturers' Association of Hong Kong Youth CommitteeThe Chinese Manufacturers' Association of Hong KongThe Chiu Chau Plastic Manufacturers Association Co. Ltd.The Cosmetic & Perfumery Association of Hong KongThe Federation of Hong Kong Footwear Ltd.The Federation of Hong Kong IndustriesThe Federation of Hong Kong Watch Trades & Industries LtdThe Hong Kong Chinese Importers' & Exporters' AssociationThe Hong Kong Electronic Industries Association The Hong Kong Federation of Commerce for Small and Medium EnterprisesThe Hong Kong General Chamber of Small and Medium BusinessThe Hong Kong General Chamber of TextilesThe Hong Kong Hide & Leather Traders' Association LtdThe Hong Kong Japanese Chamber of Commerce & IndustryThe Hong Kong Medicine Dealers' GuildThe Hong Kong Metals Manufacturers AssociationThe Hong Kong Plastics Manufacturers AssociationThe Hong Kong Printers AssociationThe Hong Kong Weaving Mills AssociationThe Singapore Chamber of Commerce (Hong Kong)The Toys Manufacturers' AssociationTsuen Wan Trade AssociationTuen Mun District (S&E) Commercial Association Yuen Long Merchants Association