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Our case studies contain analysis and discussion points for users to better understand the legal provisions. They also provide suggestions on how to prevent corruption, fraud and malpractices.

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A private detective offered $10,000 to a clinic assistant of a medical centre in order to obtain the medical record of the mistress of his client’s husband.

Bill, a regional manager of a medical equipment company, treated the supplier’s representatives with lavish entertainment and a Macao trip. To show his hospitality, he also offered them casino chips and red packets.

A product engineer of a medical equipment company decided to develop an electronic thermometer for his employer based on the design of a similar product in his previous employment disregarding the confidential agreement signed.

Dr A is a medical consultant of the Medical Unit in a public hospital.   His assessment of the effectiveness of medicine will have a strong bearing on the final selection of the drug for use in his department which would also mean major business for the supplier.   On one occasion, Dr A attended an annual ball hosted by a pharmaceutical company on behalf of the hospital and came to know its CEO, Terry.


They then maintained close ties and Terry spent considerable sums of money entertaining Dr A by way of lunches and dinners.   Lately, Terry called Dr A for dinner in a private club where he disclosed that his company had successfully developed a new antibiotic and requested for Dr A’s assistance in recommending the drug for use in his hospital.   Terry suggested to offer shares of his company, each of a nominal value of US$1, to Dr A if he agreed to help.  Dr A found this an attractive offer as he had been giving serious consideration to planning for his retirement due in five years’ time.

Dr B is a psychiatrist in a public hospital.   Very often, he is called upon by government prosecutors to examine defendants in court and the expert medical opinion he provided has always been respected.   Dr B has a golfing partner, Mr CHEUNG who recently was accused of many charges of false accounting involving almost five million dollars and the case would come to trial.   In the absence of knowledge about their relationship, the prosecution requested Dr B to provide expert medical opinion on Mr CHEUNG‘s health condition in court.


Mr CHEUNG begged for the assistance of Dr B.   Although Dr B knew that Mr CHEUNG’s mental condition was normal, he decided to help his friend out by testifying that Mr CHEUNG was suffering from a serious deterioration in his intellectual and memory functions.   He would state that Mr CHEUNG was suffering from an onslaught of dementia which could only be proved conclusively after post mortem.   In return, Mr CHEUNG presented a diamond ring worth $80,000 to Dr B’s wife as she was fond of jewellery as revealed by Dr B.  Finally, the court accepted Dr B’s expert medical opinion and Mr CHEUNG was acquitted.

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