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Our case studies contain analysis and discussion points for users to better understand the legal provisions. They also provide suggestions on how to prevent corruption, fraud and malpractices.

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All Areas of Concern

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All Areas of Concern

An inspector in a government department copied records from the database of his department and sent them to his former colleague who owned a consultancy company for touting businesses.

A software engineer recommended his company to award a software design job to an outside contractor, who then sub-contracted the job back to him.

A supplier offered an engineer a partnership to his company and shared with him the company’s annual profit, on the condition that the engineer would award more contracts to the supplier.  

A project engineer is employed by a chemical product manufacturer to supervise the engineering works performed by its contractors.   Due to his job nature, he develops a close companionship with a contractor who has recently undertaken a gas tank repair project of the company.


Learning that the project engineer suffers from substantial loss in a recent stock investment, the contractor immediately offers to lend the project engineer

$200,000 to help him overcome the financial difficulty.


When time comes for an inspection to be conducted for the gas tank repairing works, the contractor requests the project engineer to turn a blind eye to certain defects found in the finished works, saying that the defects can have little chance to pose a safety hazard.   He also reminds the project engineer of his generosity to him in the past.   The project engineer finds it difficult to require the contractor to rectify all the defects found in the works.


A senior engineer of a telephone company, was offered a consultant post for recommending an engineering company’s products to the telephone company. 

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