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Sales incentive scheme

Trades / Industries:

Jack was in a credit card sales team of a local bank which had a Sales Incentive Scheme.  If a salesperson successfully processed 300 credit cards a month, he would get a 5% commission.  Jack did not want to lag behind.  If he managed to keep the sales figure for 6 months, he would win a handsome bonus and his promotion prospect would be enhanced.  Therefore, Jack used every means to persuade people to open a credit card account in his bank.  On one hand, he abused people’s compassion by alleging that he could meet his quota only if they signed up the last application form for him.  On the other hand, he tried to increase his client-base by ringing up everyone he knew (including old friends, past schoolmates and teachers) and joining evening classes.  He even approached the college-mates of his young siblings even though they had limited financial resources.


By encouraging unsuitable applicants to apply for credit cards in order to meet sales targets, would Jack bring negative effects to the bank and the applicants?  Can he justify his behaviours without misgivings?

Case Analysis

Jack was facing an ethical dilemma that might put his personal values such as honesty, responsibility and compassion to challenge. In handling situation like this, Jack should identify the relevant facts and take stock of all stakeholders concerned. The following factors should be taken into consideration when identifying viable alternatives and choosing the best course of action:


  1. Any violation to his professional, industry specific, or company code of conduct?
  2. Is it against the Law?
  3. Does it correspond with his self-values such as responsibility, honesty, compassion, etc.?
  4. Can he disclose his decision to others openly and honestly without misgivings?


The ETHICS PLUS ethical decision making model might be helpful for him in solving his ethical dilemma.

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