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Access to insider information through official dealing

Trades / Industries:

Benny is a manager of a financial corporation and undertakes a merger project for Interlock Company and Happy Diet Chain.   Led by a director, he and his team members have held meetings with the management of these two companies, day and night, trying hard to work out the best terms for the exercise.


Benny knows full well that if such information is made public, it will affect the share prices of both companies.   But Benny also has other things on his mind. Soon he is to get married and desperately needs to find the money for his wedding expenses.   He finally decides to borrow some money from his family to purchase a large quantity of the two stocks in advance.   A week later, when the announcement of a merger between Interlock and Happy Diet is made public, the market prices of their shares rise spontaneously.   Benny subsequently sells the stocks and makes substantial profits.

Case Analysis

Benny occupies a position which has access to the sensitive information on the merger plan for Interlock and Happy Diet.   His subsequent action in abusing the information to deal in their stocks for personal gain has not only violated the

*Codes of Conduct but also the insider dealing provisions of the Securities and

Futures Ordinance.




*Remarks: Codes of Conduct refer to the Code of Conduct for Persons Licensed by or Registered with the Securities and Futures Commission, the Code of Conduct for Corporate Finance Adviser and the Fund Manager Code of Conduct.

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