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Smart Tips for SMEs: Staying Resilient in Times of Adversity

The coronavirus pandemic has been a tremendous hit to SMEs and start-ups.  While business operators have to stay resilient in the volatile economy, they must not neglect the possible risks and costs that corruption and related malpractices may bring to their companies.


The Hong Kong Business Ethics Development Centre (HKBEDC) has released a new issue of the "Smart Tips for SMEs" feature articles series reminding business operators to remain vigilant against corruption in times of adversity. You may click here to download the article.


More useful information and ethics resources for SMEs and Start-ups are available on the HKBEDC's "SMEs and Start-ups Corner".  Trade associations of different industries and start-up connectors are also welcome to join the "SME Corruption Prevention Network" and "Starting-Up Right! Connectors Network" to help us disseminate integrity messages to your members.


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