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ICAC Chief introduced Hong Kong’s anti-corruption work and integrity culture to Chinese enterprises

Invited by the Hong Kong Chinese Enterprises Association (HKCEA), ICAC Commissioner Simon Peh exchanged views with over 300 senior representatives of mainland-funded enterprises in Hong Kong on the work of the ICAC at “The 4th HKCEA Hong Kong Series” on 13 December 2018.


The theme of Commissioner’s speech was “Change”. He shared with the participants how the ICAC upholds the probity culture of Hong Kong and sustains a level-playing environment with its unchanged mission and adaptability to constant changes and challenges. He also explained how the ICAC strives to contribute to a corruption-free region and passes on the value of integrity to the future generations through enforcement, experience sharing and the “ethics for all” approach.


The Commissioner thanked HKCEA for collaborating with the Hong Kong Business Ethics Development Centre over the years in the promotion of business ethics to Chinese enterprises in Hong Kong. With the ICAC’s 45th Anniversary approaching, he called for the participants’ continuous support and joining hands with the ICAC in upholding Hong Kong’s core value of integrity.

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