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Integrity Training Workshops for Site Supervisory Staff

With an aim to enhance the integrity of construction practitioners and their understanding of anti-corruption laws, the Hong Kong Business Ethics Development Centre (HKBEDC) will organise three integrity training workshops for site supervisory staff of consultants/contractors. Details as follows:




Session 1


Session 2


Session 3



15 August 2023 (Tue)


29 November 2023 (Wed)


7 March 2024 (Thurs)



4:00 pm - 5:00 pm
(Registration time: 3:30 pm)

Medium of instruction



Deadline for enrolment


8 August 2023 (Tue)


22 November 2023 (Wed)


29 February 2024 (Thurs)


The workshops are free of charge and seats are limited. 
Interested parties may click here to enroll.

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Apart from arranging the workshops, HKBEDC has also produced a series of ethics resources for the construction industry, which include a series of e-learning courses and online feature articles dedicated for construction professionals, as well as a publicity poster and publicity pamphlet with "Don't Bribe for Job" message dedicated for the frontline practitioners.  For enquiries, please contact the HKBEDC at 2826-3288.

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