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An accountant is under pressure by his senior to falsely classify a large amount of fraudulent transaction in operating expenses as assets.  He may fail to meet to the expectations of his senior if he refuses to do so, but such act obviously deviates from the fundamental principles of professional behaviour.

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An engineer is asked by his father-in-law, who is a potential bidder, to disclose the tender assessment criteria of a construction project under his supervision.  It may be unfair to other bidders if he accedes to his father-in-law’s request, whereas their relationship may be jeopardised if he rejects him.

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A bank manager is offered a golf club membership by a long-term client if he approves the application of opening a bank account by the client’s friend.  Declining the offer may put him at risk of losing the long-term client but accepting the offer may be in breach of his bank’s regulations or anti-corruption laws.

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Building Management

A cleansing worker looking for a job at a housing estate is being solicited a referral fee by a foreman.  He may not get the job if he refuses to give the fee but he may be caught for offering bribes if he agrees to do so.

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Customer Relations

A customer relations manager of a prestigious club is instructed by his supervisor to approve some unqualified membership applications. While refusing to follow the supervisor’s instructions may affect his career, it is unfair to other applicants if the unqualified applications are granted.

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Business Administration

A secretary is offered a loan by a colleague to help her overcome financial difficulties if she turns a blind eye to the colleague’s false reimbursement claims. Accepting the loan may relieve her financial stress but she may breach the laws if she turns a blind eye to the false claims.

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