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Online Ethics Resources for The Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Industries

Case StudyOnline Ethics Resources for The Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Industries
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Derek is the regional sales director of a multinational pharmaceutical company. He came to know Eddie, a senior consultant who works in a public hospital, in a social gathering.

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Derek learned in the gathering that Eddie was a member of the hospital’s Drug and Therapeutics Committee, which was responsible for recommending new drugs for enlistment in the drug formulary of his hospital and the Hospital Authority (HA).

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Derek and Eddie maintained close ties after the gathering. Derek often treated Eddie to meals at a luxurious clubhouse and exchanged the latest information on drugs with him.

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Recently, Derek asked Eddie out for dinner again. During the meal, Derek mentioned that his company had just launched a new drug and he wished to introduce it to the HA drug formulary.

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In order to let Eddie have a better knowledge about this new drug, Derek invited Eddie to a medical conference in Europe, in which the Head of R&D of his company would give a presentation about this product. The registration fee, passage and accommodation costs incurred by Eddie would be sponsored by Derek’s company.

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Eddie longed for a chance to attend this renowned medical conference to meet other experts and fellows in the industry. Besides, Eddie considered that it was fair and reasonable to recommend the product of Derek’s company, which was a well-known pharmaceutical brand and had been a registered drug supplier of HA for years. Eddie therefore accepted Derek’s invitation.

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