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Online Ethics Resources for The Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Industries

Case StudyOnline Ethics Resources for The Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Industries
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Jessica is the medical representative of a pharmaceutical company. Her job is to promote the products of her company to private hospitals and clinics.

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Jason, Jessica ’s friend, is a doctor in private practice. He recently set up a private clinic in partnership with two doctors and he is responsible for procurement of medicines. Jessica’s company is one of the clinic’s suppliers for medicines.

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Jessica pitched a new vaccine produced by her company to Jason. However, Jason declined as his clinic had no plans to procure this new vaccine.

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Jason noticed that Jessica was disappointed and therefore made a counter proposal. He knew that one of his friends would like to purchase vaccines for resale outside Hong Kong. Since vaccines are prescription medicines and not easily accessible by ordinary people, Jason suggested that he could order the vaccines in the name of his clinic while Jessica could settle the procurement with his friend direct. By doing so, Jessica would be able to gain more business while Jason could also help his friend.

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Jessica was grateful for Jason’s suggestion and offered to share her commission earned with Jason afterwards. Jason declined the commission but urged Jessica to give him more company premiums and product samples in return.

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