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Integrity in Practice - A Practical Guide for Medical Practitioners on Corruption Prevention

Standards of BehavioursStandards of Behaviours

The Medical Council of Hong Kong (MCHK) has laid down the Code of Professional Conduct that sets out the expected standards of behaviour of doctors in their clinical practice. At the same time, private hospital and medical groups also formulate their own codes of conduct and guidelines to provide guidance on good professional practice respectively for their staff members. Doctors should be aware of the integrity standards required by the codes and guidelines. Non-compliance with these standards may lead to disciplinary action taken by the MCHK and the respective employers.

Code of Professional Conduct of the Medical Council of Hong Kong (MCHK)

All registered doctors should comply with the major conduct requirements concerning medical records and confidentiality, financial relationship with healthcare organisations, improper financial transactions, untrue or misleading certificates etc. specified in the Code of Professional Conduct. Doctors can access the document at https://www.mchk.org.hk/english/code/index.html.

Relevant Guidelines and Code of Conduct of Private Hospitals and Medical Groups

Individual medical organisations formulate their own guidelines and codes setting out benchmark standards of ethical behaviour expected of their staff members. Doctors can refer to the code of conduct and relevant guidelines of their respective employers for detailed guidance as appropriate. They are advised to consult the delegated authority of their respective medical organisations in case of doubt.

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