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Ethical Scenarios

Financial Controller is No Easy Job

Case step 1

Rex was employed as the Financial Controller of an expanding IT company which was planning to go public. In order to project a good financial performance, Andy, the Managing Director hinted that Rex should handle the financial estimates and anticipate sales growth meticulously.

Andy also made it clear to Rex that he did not care about what accounting method he would use.

Case step 2

In selecting the merchant bank to arrange for the listing, Rex's recommendation would be considered seriously by the board. Different bank managers approached Rex to promote their services.

Case step 3

Ben, who was the Marketing Director of ABC Bank, called Rex's office. After introducing the bank's offer, Ben further mentioned that he was currently handling acquisition plans of other listed companies.

He promised to release some "valuable information" to Rex if he helped him get the business. Rex did not take Ben's words seriously.

Case step 4

Based on the objective report Rex prepared, ABC Bank was engaged by the board to proceed with the listing of the company.

Finally, the company was successfully listed.

Case step 5

Rex divulged to Yuki, his wife that his company was undertaking some merger and acquisition plans which might boost the share price of the company. However, the Managing Director asked him to manipulate some management accounting data so as to facilitate the granting of credit facilities by some banks.

Case step 5

In a reunion of schoolmates, Yuki met Ben, one of her old best friends. Yuki sought advice from Ben regarding the difficulties her husband faced. Yuki did not know the relationship between Ben and her husband's company.

Case step 5

Ben called and invited Rex for dinner, saying that he would keep his promise of passing some "valuable information" to Rex.

Besides, he said he could offer golf club membership to Rex if he could provide some useful information about his company's merger and acquisition plans to him.

If you were Rex, what would you do?
Has Rex done anything wrong?

Commentaries on the case

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