3. Corruption pitfalls

Video 5 – Misplaced trust

Script of the video

Scene 1

Time: Morning
Location: Bus Stop
Character(s): Eddy (relationship manager of a bank), Grandma Lam (regular customer of Eddy’s)
(Eddy is waiting for the bus to work. He looks exhausted. Grandma Lam passes by.)
Grandma Lam: Eddy boy, going to work so early.
Eddy: Good morning, Grandma Lam. Are you going grocery shopping?
Grandma Lam: Yes... I bought a few things. Oh, you look so pale? Not getting enough sleep?
Eddy: (embarrassed) No... umm... I watched the late night soccer match.
Grandma Lam: You need to go to bed early to stay healthy. By the way, I want to get some new banknotes for lai-see. I’ll see you later.
Eddy: Great. I’ll reserve some new notes for you at the bank. Just come to me directly.
Grandma Lam: You’re so kind. That’s why I’ve been such a loyal customer all these years.
Eddy: It's my pleasure.
Eddy: (VO) My name is Eddy. I’m a relationship manager of a bank branch. I’ve been working at the bank for quite a number of years and earned the support of regular customers like Grandma Lam.
Eddy: Alright. See you later.


Scene 2

Time: Morning
Location: Eddy’s office
Character(s): Eddy, Grandma Lam, Mandy (bank employee)
(Eddy is keeping an eye on the stock prices displayed on the computer screen. The stock prices are falling.)
Eddy: (VO) To earn extra income, I also invest in stocks. I began to trade on margin last year and hope to be able to quickly save enough for a down payment on a home. But the market is not doing well these days. Stock prices keep dropping. To cover my losses, I’ve resorted to borrowing money from loan sharks.
Grandma Lam: Mandy, is Eddy boy in?
Mandy: Yes, this way, grandma.
Grandma Lam: Thank you.
(Mandy escorts Grandma Lam in.)
Grandma Lam: Did I come at a bad time?
Eddy: Not at all. Grandma, please sit down. Mandy, please bring me a form? (leave the webpage)
Mandy: Okay.
Grandma Lam: Eddy boy, you’re so considerate.
Eddy: It’s my job. Thank you for trusting in me.
Grandma Lam: Thanks to you, I avoided the long queue outside.
Eddy: Grandma Lam, is there anything else I can help you with?
Grandma Lam: Yes. My morning exercise group has been discussing some upcoming IPOs. I forget the names of the companies, but they’re guaranteed to make money. Can you help me invest a little so as to earn some extra cash?
Eddy: No problem. I’ll take care of it for you when the time comes.
Grandma Lam: Why don’t I just leave my signature stamp with you? When the time comes, you can handle everything directly, saving me the trip here.
Eddy: Grandma Lam, I can’t keep your signature stamp. It’s against the bank’s rules. I’ll be in trouble if the management finds out.
Grandma Lam: Don’t worry, Eddy boy, if anything happens, I’ll verify that you have my authorization to keep my stamp. That’s everything. I must pick up my grandson from school now.
(Grandma Lam leaves her stamp on Eddy’s desk. As she gets up to leave, Mandy knocks on the door.)
Mandy: Eddy, the manager wants you to call him now. It’s urgent.
Eddy: Okay, I’ll call him. Please take Grandma Lam to get her new banknotes.
Grandma Lam: Thank you!
Eddy: You’re welcome.


Scene 3

Time: Morning
Location: Bank entrance and Eddy’s office
Character(s): Eddy
(Eddy talks to the staff of the finance company over the phone as he walks to the bank.)
Eddy: (to the phone) Yes... yes... I know. I’ll have the money for you in two days.
(Eddy stares at the computer screen anxiously. The stock prices on screen are rising. Eddy turns to the newspaper. The headline reads: “HK Stock Market Resumes Upward Trend with Inflow of Hot Money.”)
Eddy: (VO) Tomorrow is the deadline to pay the finance company. After all this time, the market finally shows some life today. But I need to wait for the stock prices to rise another 30% in order to break even. It would be crazy to sell the stocks now.
(Eddy opens his drawer and takes out Grandma Lam’s signature stamp.)
Eddy: (VO) I need to withdraw money from the granny’s account for her investments anyway. Why don’t I withdraw a little now to get myself out of this jam?

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