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Mar 2021
Ex-property agent charged with fraud over agency commission in leasing transaction

The ICAC today (March 23) charged a former property agent with fraud for allegedly inducing her then employer not to collect an agency commission of $47,800 from a tenant by concealing a leasing transaction she had procured.

Zhang Huixiong, 51, former property agent of Centaline Property Agency Limited (Centaline Property), faces one count of fraud, contrary to Section 16A(1) of the Theft Ordinance.

The defendant will appear at the Eastern Magistrates’ Courts on Thursday (March 25) for plea.

The case arose from a corruption complaint. Subsequent ICAC enquiries revealed the above alleged offence.

At the material time, the defendant was a licensed property agent employed by Centaline Property. She was posted to the Wong Chuk Hang Heung Yip Road Branch of Centaline Commercial Department.

Centaline Property maintained a database for its agents to search and list properties for sale or lease. For leasing transaction of an industrial property, Centaline Property would generally charge both the landlord and the tenant one month’s rent as agency commission.

In around August 2018, the defendant received a client of Centaline Property who was looking for an office premises in Wong Chuk Hang for rent. The client eventually decided to rent a property in an industrial building in Tin Wan.

The charge alleges that between September 11 and October 9, 2018, the defendant, by concealing from or failing to disclose to Centaline Property that she had procured the leasing transaction in respect of the aforesaid property in Tin Wan whilst she was under a duty to make full disclosure of any property transaction procured by her as Centaline Property’s property agent, and with intent to defraud, induced Centaline Property not to collect agency commission of $47,800 from the tenant, which resulted in prejudice to Centaline Property.

Centaline Property has rendered full assistance to the ICAC during its investigation into the case.

The defendant has been released on ICAC bail, pending her court appearance on Thursday.

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