Unusual Conflicts – (extracted video)




VO = Voice-over


Scene #1

Time:      Day

Location:       Office

Character(s): Alex CHEUNG、Mr CHU


Mr CHU:Alex, here you go. Try some.

Alex CHEUNG:OK. Pretty good tea.

Mr CHU:Of course! It’s from my uncle, especially for you.

Alex CHEUNG:Thank him for me.

Mr CHU:He should thank you for that big order you gave him.

Alex CHEUNG:If the price is fair, theirs is nothing wrong with it.

Mr CHU:If every boss was like you, the world would be perfect.

Alex CHEUNG:Well, that David Fung is just so stubborn. He doesn’t know how it works. The problem is, he’s a little too old fashioned.

Mr CHU:Alex, let’s just wait and see. His way won’t    last very long. By the way, my uncle is so grateful that you helped him out. He is. He wants to partner up. He can give you shares and you could work more closely.

Alex CHEUNG:Let me make this clear. I helped him out not because of my own interests. You’d better check those circuit boards carefully. I don’t want to get in trouble.

Mr CHU:Sure thing.

Alex CHEUNG:Good.

Mr CHU:Cheers then.

Alex CHEUNG:Cheers.